Sunday, October 01, 2006

You Just Might be a Sci-Fi Geek If...

  • a toaster isn't just a kitchen appliance.
  • Firefly isn't just an insect.
  • a "seashell" is an audio device.
  • you refer to the next obvious victim in a movie as "The Red Shirt".
  • a tractor pull takes place in space, not mud.
  • rather than from Mythology 101, your knowledge of the Egyptian gods comes from SG-1, of the Greek Gods from Hercules Legendary Journeys, and you are an OLD geek if you know about the Muses because of Xanadu.
  • you own a spoken word album by William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy. More points if you own both.
  • you think the Samsung x475 resembles the spaceship in "Heavy Metal", and you know the song playing as it kidnaps the voluptous redhead is "I Must Be Dreamin'" by Cheap Trick.
  • you know who created the word "robotics", the Three Laws of Robotics and the grave significance of Sally and Elvex, and the lesser known Cal.
  • you know who Ylla and Dr. Susan Calvin are.
  • you know where the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame is located. Bonus points if you have actually been there!