Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pan's Labryinth coming to Austin (FINALLY!)

Once in a great while, I've been fortunate to experience an artistic event so visually stunning and emotionally captivating that it bears a lasting impression. At the top of that list is Cirque du Soleil's "Quidam", which I saw live in San Jose years ago. The performances were wonderful, but the story and music was also impressive. Now another event has taken the #1 spot. I was fortunate enough to see Pan's Labryinth as a special screening at the Fantastic Fest.

Visually stunning and emotionally captivating, this fairy tale for adults is not to be missed! Definitely the top movie I saw in 2006, and I am excited that it is opening in Austin on January 12th. The Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar presents Pan's Labyrinth, and opening weekend will feature Spanish tapas and a Spanish wine flight. I'm getting together some friends to see it opening night, because I'd like to see it again on the big screen. Plus I want to see what effect it will have on others. More on the movie -

"Beautiful and Exhilarating, a fairy tale for Grown-ups" - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"The year's True Masterpiece, the best movie of the year" - The New York Post

PAN'S LABYRINTH is a fanciful and chilling story set against the backdrop of a fascist regime in 1944 rural Spain. It's Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups, with the horrors of both reality and fantasy blended together into an extraordinary, spellbinding fable. The film centers on Ofelia, a lonely and dreamy child living with her mother and adoptive father; a military officer tasked with ridding the area of rebels. In her loneliness, Ofelia creates a world filled with fantastical creatures and secret destinies. With post-war repression at its height, Ofelia must come to terms with her world through a fable of her own creation.

Geeking out about Food

Okay, I'll admit it - I'm a foodie! I love all types of cuisines, and can hold a lengthy conversation regarding the best pancakes/migas/shrimp stuffed jalapenos. So imagine my excitement to hear a friend decided to start a website dedicated to finding favorite dishes! It's starting in Austin, but members/critics can submit dishes from anywhere - which is great, as a large number of our mutual friends travel internationally for work. And NO, I don't get a kickback or paid, just a cool site to share. More details from a press release:

"When an obsessive craving strikes, where do you find your hunger's holy grail? Suddenly, you can't quit thinking about a juicy bacon cheeseburger, plump pillows of gnocchi, a crispy samosa or an insanely moist slab of chocolate cake. Your average restaurant guide will point you to a cuisine, but it won't necessarily help you find exactly what you want to eat. Enter the Dishola..."

"Dishola is a dazzling new user-driven website devoted to the best dishes in top gastronomic destinations across the country. And it's fun. Users can sign on to track down what they're craving (gotta have fish tacos), read smart reviews by Dishola editors, industry professionals (cooks, bartenders, dishwashers), and members—passionate eaters across the country. Then they can add reviews of their favorite dishes, and they can even upload photos of them..."

"Plenty of other cool features abound: Dishola members can create a running list of "future feasts" (discoveries they just gotta try down the road), learn about cool food safaris (amazing dishes that warrant a road trip) and convene with friends or "tablemates" to gab about food and decide where to meet for dinner...The result? You'll arrive at the door of a new restaurant and know just what to order; life is too short to eat an uninspired version of any dish."

Look for my reviews, my profile of course is - snax!