Thursday, December 17, 2015

Breathing Life into an Old Friend

What say we breathe life back into this old blog of mine? It's insightful to read over posts from long ago and see how far that I've come, yet still remained true to my passions.

All roads lead to here -- over six years of film review and features after the spark was lit in my capsule reviews here. More time in water industry as I branched out into groundwater diagnostics, and now run my own consulting firm for small stand alone public water systems in Central Texas. "Relaxing" on the weekends by working in the tasting room of a beloved local brewery, Jester King Brewery.

What's else is on my plate? So much, but here are the highlights:

  • Covering Sundance Film Festival for Film Colossus 
  • Planning out next year's events for Other Worlds Austin
  • Taking on new clients for both my own consulting firm as well as for Blue Treble
  • Helping with SXSW Create -- I hope!
  • Organizing Austin Women in Technology event for February
  • More and new writing assignments -- booze for Nuclear Salad