Sunday, January 13, 2008

Influences of the Queen(s) of Re-inventing

In an attempt to expand beyond my "accidental webmaster" role in my current job, and as I get more involved in social media I've decided to attend the first annual "Got Social Media? Conference in Houston. Meeting Erica and the other gals at the AccessU Conference, socializing at the GeekAustin meetups, and meeting new people through Twitter has really created the desire to pursue an online presence. I will also be attending the panels at SXSW Interactive Festival and working with Silona and Erica on the League of Technical Voters fundraiser.

I'm not necessarily interested in being just another blogger, but feel there's some niche I can fill. I love my current job working for the state, but figure I can convert all my extracurricular hours on the internet into supplemental income. One of the reasons I'd miss my current job if I were to move on is the environmental and science aspect of it. Perhaps I could use my experiences with the now defunct EEANT Nature Scientists and Sierra Cubs Camp with the Texas Environmental Education Partnership and Texas Master Naturalists to create an online project.

*puts on thinking cap*


Queen of Spain said...

awesome! I haven't been to anything in the very large state of Texas yet-but I hope to hit SXSW in March! If nothing else, you get to meet people and hang out-

Jennifer Laycock said...

Hey Snax. Jennifer Laycock here, sat in front of you at Got Social Media. Can you drop me an email with your non-work email address?

Kara said...

Hi Snax. Got your comment on my blog. Would love to meet up and do some brainstorming. Let me know if you are interested.

Michelle said...

Alls I have to say is, you have a great idea. Don't forget to take time out for yourself to make it happen. You are awesome!