Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tweetup Blood Drive

I had an interesting ideological discussion with Michelle Greer at DimSumday last weekend. A lot of talk about how much actions speak louder than words. I sheepishly realized that I had misunderstood her "recycled computers for Burmese Refugees" project, which contributes towards Elaine Allen's efforts. She is working directly with political refugees who are now living in our own community. Note to self: be a better listener!

Michelle told me about a special event that she was organizing along with David Neff of American Cancer Society's SharingHopeTV and Austin Social Media Club. A Tweetup Blood Drive will be held Thursday, July 1, from 10 am until 4 pm. Information on how to sign up are available at Facebook.

Don't forget to tweet while you donate! Raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the day, including:


Connie Reece said...

Thanks for helping get prizes donated for our Austin drive. If readers outside of Austin want to get involved, they can go to http://is.gd/ISo and let us know there. We'd like to do similar drives in other locations and make it a regular event in Austin.

Summer said...

I'll also be bringing three goodies with me tomorrow to add to the list, all courtesy of Hammock Inc.:

-- The 16th annual Hammock tee (http://www.hammock.com/tshirt/background.php)
-- The Team Hammock moisture-wicking tee (http://www.hammock.com/teamhammock/)
-- $25 Chuy's gift card

See y'all around 1!!!

snax said...

Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I'll give you a call tomorrow, sorry I didn't get back to you tonight but busy bee!