Monday, September 25, 2006

B - I - N - G - OW!

I mentioned to Shauna and Fernando that I've been tallying motifs in the Fantastic Fest screenings I've been attending. We came up with the idea of either Fantastic Fest Bingo or Scavenger Hunt, but you have to include obscure items as well to make it more interesting. Here's the tally of what I've seen so far (number in parentheses is film count):

beartraps (4)
chainsaws (4) (sure there are more)
parasites (3) (4 if you count BUG!)
syringes (4)
vomiting men (4)
white rabbits (2)
turkey legs (2)
buildings without exits (2)
cute fluffy poodles meeting nasty deaths (2)

And in conclusion, not recurring but obscure enough to mention -
A rubber chicken and Osama Bin Laden (but not in the same film!). And then there's death by Gnome.

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