Sunday, September 24, 2006

Day 4: What kind of business are you in?

What a loooooong day. Here's a quick synopsis:

Isolation - One of my favorite films of the festival, which brings up the controversy of genetic manipulation. One question, though - If a breeding experiment is supposed to be so secretive, why drive around in a company vehicle that has a picture of a cow on the side and the words "Bovine Genetic Technology"?

Piano Tuner of Earthquakes
- As one filmmaker said to me "I'm not SMRT enough to get this movie". Lovely to look at, and the automatons are fascinating - Although I was convinced that either spuds or the creatures from "I Love the Moon" were rowing the boat in one creation. It wasn't until much later that I realized they were severed hands.

Inside - Another favorite, with an interesting twist to a young man with voyeuristic intentions. A rather funny moment occurred when during a crucial scene a character was throwing pottery on the ground. I think most viewers were on the edge of their seat - and a server outside the theatre accidentally dropped a plate! I was one of many who jumped and laughed.

Simon Says - What can I say? The only reason anyone should see this is to see Crispin Glover whacked out. All I could do was laugh, and I don't think I jumped out of my skin even once.

Frostbite - Wicked dark humor, I didn't expect the amount of comedy this movie had but I truly enjoyed it. Best death scene and dying line in this movie. The director was available for the Q & A, and he joked that it had been so cold during the filming, that he decided the sequel would be called "Sunstroke". To be filmed in the Bahamas, sipping pina coladas.

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